Binder Photobooks

Binder is India's first premium photobook printing company that also enables users to design their books using a very powerful, yet easy online editor. We live in an age of abundance. We click thousands of photographs each year, yet we barely look back at any. A printed book of your selected photographs adds tangibility and timelessness to your work.

Binder was founded by publisher Shubhojit Chatterjee, in order to enable semi-professional and hobbyist photographers to make books without knowledge of software or print making. 

What is a photograph, if not printed?

Gerhard Steidl, the iconic German printer and publisher, once said that 'there is a haptic value to a printed book that you cannot find in digital media.' It is true. This 'haptic quality' - the feel and smell of paper, the visual weight of a photobook, the quality of imprint - is in totality a dimension that cannot be experienced on a digital screen. The Afghan Girl's portrait on the Nat Geo magazine cover was in print, not online.

All our books are printed using HP Indigo Digital-Offset printing press and bound with carefully chosen and imported materials. Our quality practices ensure high quality results and archival strength in our books.

Binder is a product of Zenfosys IT Services Pvt Ltd, based in New Delhi, India.